2nd Edition of International Conference on Cell & Stem Cell Research

August 21-23, 2023 | London, UK

August 21 -23, 2023 | London, UK
Stem Cells - 2023

Anjali Goyal

Speaker at Cell & Stem Cell Research 2023 - Anjali Goyal
NHL Municipal Medical College, India
Title : Cell based therapies in articular cartilage repair


Chondral Defects involving the Articular cartilage of the knee joint present a challenge both in the Diagnosis & Management.  The defects can be seen in the young patients following sports injuries or following a fall, in addition to the degenerative changes seen in the older patients. A lack of timely diagnosis & management, with improper healing leads to the development of Osteoarthritis. 

There have been many surgical advancements in the field over the past few decades to repair the damaged cartilage & regenerate  a healthy hyaline cartilage.

There has been an extensive  Research  in the field of Stem Cell Therapy over the past decade associated  with the use of Chondroprogenitors & the Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) based therapies , used alone or in association with the surgical procedures to regenerate a healthy hyaline cartilage.

The recent trends in the field, along with the results of the ongoing clinical trials associated with  the role of Stem Cell therapy & the Chondroprogenitors used alone & in combination with other techniques will be discussed.


Dr. Anjali Goyal is an Associate Professor in Pathology at NHL Medical College in Ahmedabad Affiliated to Gujarat University.  She graduated from CMC Ludhiana (Punjab) in 1992 & Completed the  postgraduate  pathology course (MD) from LTMMC Sion( Bombay University) in 1997.  She is  a Cartilage Histopathologist working in the field of  Cartilage Repair & has worked on projects & as a  consultant histopathologist for stem cell related projects at CMC Vellore..